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22 November 2012

The Great Debaters

This post is not about the movie, instead it is about the event of today. I joined the debate team here at the University of Belize, Central campus. Today we meet with delegates from Sacred Heart Junior College, the sixth form (junior college) I attended. Ironically, the team consisted of four males. They were really kids and it was almost not fair that they were match against us.

The issue at hand was the link between abuse and the rise in the prevalence of promiscuity among woman. The weekly conversations on this topic with the all women team here at UB was very insightful. We spoke about everything concerning abuse, sex, and womanhood. We shared opinions,experiences surveys, and articles from newspapers and university research. The social dynamics and the psycho- biology was also discussed. As the oldest member of the team and the only married person, it was a pleasure to discuss things with my "little sisters".

I realized a couple of things I realized while being on the debate team. First of all, I have a powerful voice. My testimony and experiences count. I have what it takes to influence those around me. When I was younger, I had several mentors that I also looked up to.  I hope I can learn from these relationships and find the balance between support and control.  I want my younger siblings out there in the world to learn from my experiences and my mistakes and stand strong.  I do not want to box them in, but I want them to understand the freedom in restraint.

Second of all, it the freedom in restraint. I know it is a paradox, but so much in life is. But I find this true through my experiences. Because I had restraint as a younger person, and because I do not do everything that feels good but make choices prayerfully, and considerately, I have a certain freedom that to many people have. What am I free from? Freedom from jealousy, freedom from regret, freedom for baggage, freedom from the negative results of loose living. There is a certain unspeakable freedom in looking into Beloved's eyes and knowing that I am his one and only and he is mine.

Together let's so NO! to untimely behaviour! and break the chains that keep us from living truly free.

I known that many of my friends think I am a prude. That is fine. I am not going to start thinking I am better than people or acting as though my life is prefect, but I want to encourage my friends and readers to made healthy choices. Take your time living life. You will not die from missing out.

If you have already messed up or feel like you miss the mark.... Chin up! From Forgiveness in Jesus, knock the dust off your life and start making healthy choices. Forgiveness is, moving on and doing better.

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