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13 November 2012

Feliz for Friend Fel

I have wanted to right this post for a long time. I knew I should.  I knew that expressing appreciation is right. I knew that being grateful and saying it is good for your health, relieves stress, and generally makes life nicer for yourself and those that read. I do not know why I postponed writing this til now, but here goes.

I am grateful for so many friends that love me for who I am.  I have many of them, but one in particular is Felicia Friesen. She from "yon zeet" like me, and married a Mennonite guy, like me. She went to UB, like I am, and she is creative and clever and smart, and witty.  I am always creative and clever and smart and witty, but Fel, takes those traits to a all new level. It seems that whatever I am not creative and clever and smart and witty in, she is and complements me in a nice way. I do not have the huge track record of friendship with this woman, that I have with some others, but I am glad that she is in my life.

What I love about my Friend Fel is that I can share my life with her.  I can be real.  I can tell her things knowing that she will not put me in a box, label me as worldly, crazy, bad, sinful, etc. But at the same time, she has a sense of holiness, and is a God-loving woman so I know that my truest self is safe with her: in her prayers.

Although thing that I appreciate about my Friend is that she understands her husband's need for a cultural identity. Her husband is very much like mine in the fact that they see their Mennonite heritage as a cultural heritage not so much as a religion. While these men are redefining what it means to be a Mennonite in Belize, in is a woman like Fel, and with her encouragement, me, that cheers these men on. Fel actually taking the time out of her busy schedule to learn elements of our husband's culture. She is learning to speak the language, cook the food, and appreciate traditional values, such as "top-comus". In fact, it is Fel that I usually    ask whenever I spell or make reference to something in the Plautdiesch language and culture.

Fel takes being a Mennonite Frueh to an all new level.  She uses trig to design quilts, she cans on the weekends, sews cute clothes for herself, and even keeps bake goods in her freezer.

Whenever I have an identity crisis...whenever I forget what I am doing here, whenever I feel insecure about being an non-Mennonite in the community and I start to become defensive about racial politics, Felicia Friesen has my back.  She is usually the one I call or cry to.

Because of that I am grateful.  I am grateful to have a friend that sees me for who I am, not for who she thinks I should be.  I am grateful to have a friend that is creative and clever and understands my need to be.  I am grateful to have a friend that I can be balanced with... let the good and bad of my dual nature come out, and know that I am not completely one or the other. I am grateful to have a friend that loves her man as much as I love my man.

Thanks Felicia Friesen for being yourself.

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Felicia Friesen said...

Thanks for being you too Beth! :) You're one of those things that keep me sane in this town when I begin to loose my mind! I love you! XOX