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25 February 2007

I am a Phenomenal Woman

I read this poem once. And I liked it, but I put it on the shelf in my mind (it is dangerous to "like" a poem by the way). Then the other day a male friend made a comment. I am still not sure if he meant to be insulting or encouraging, but that is not my skin... The comment made me think. In my confuse reflection, remembered the poem and took it off the shelf on my mind and pulled it up off the Internet. Thank you friend for the confusing remark you made.

Why can I say, like Ms. Angelou that I am a woman phenomenally? Why am I not a weak hapless girl? Because of God. He has given me vision and a grace to reach to be the phenomenal woman. Eve was made in His image too, and He understands me more then my friend with his confusing remarks. Sure I have a lot of growing to do; lets just say I am an in process phenomenal woman.

People often mistake my idealism for naivety. The truth is, they are naive. I can see beyond their silly remarks and I don't want to get caught up in their shallowness. I am not conceited, because I know where I have been. I am just phenomenal.

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