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25 February 2007

Science and Math

I am currently looking for resources (pedology articles, class and individual activities, lesson plans, en todo) to complete my math and science resource booklets for my teaching internship. If you have an ideas I would love it if you would share them with me.


Leonardo Melendez said...

Pedology you say? I used to be a kid once and if there was one thing I wish they thought me in primary school, it would be about peer pressure. Then again, I think the concept's too complicated for them young ones.

How about this one: don't share your love and attention equally among all your students. Every child has different needs. Give more energy to those that need it most and vice versa. I think everyone deserves a fair opportunity to learn.

Beth said...

Your were a kid once, seriously? :)

Did I ever share with you my theory on equity versus fairety? The truth is that equality is not fair. With certain things if I got the same amoung as you (example love, attention, extra classes etc) that I would be short changed and vica versa. Fair now, is when you fairly distrub resources to those who need it more or less when they need it. In my humble opinion that is why communism is failing to impact the world....
Yes, I agree, children need to be met at their level. That is why pedology is harder then it looks. Image meeting 35 ten year old on their level? I am going to need grace to make it through my internship.

Leonardo Melendez said...

Interesting. May the grace be with you.