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22 February 2007


24 weeks left. Then I will begin my life as a teacher. I have 8 weeks of internship followed by summer classes mixed with a few weeks holidays in there. In August I will have my feeble, but fought for, Associates in Pedology.

I just read an article about English teachers needed in China. Wouldn't that be interesting... the sky is the limit, but in actuality, I want to work hard for a while and save like crazy so I can study special needs and psycho-linguistics. After that, Wide World, here I come.

Currently I am dealing with a tough issue. I was offered a job at an expensive, well-paying private school (name omitted). Although the potential pay-check looks good, I am not so sure about the school. I am not the prestigious school type. I would rather teach in a rural village somewhere, where quality teachers are needed. I want to inspire poor, less fortunate children to learn and dream. Preppy kids? Not me, but the money.... that would be nice so I can get a head start.


Leonardo Melendez said...

Very interesting. Your values have always been deep and needy oriented. I like your direction Beth, keep it up, impact lives -- you were made for this.

Beth said...

Thanx for that little word of encouragement.... you'll probably never know what it meant to me.