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25 May 2007

The Poem never graded

OK, So I didn't sit the CAPE Exam that I was preparing for. I am a little upset that I didn't take it, but it was either miss CAPE, or miss the BSM. BSM had priority over CAPE even though I invested a lot in it until now.

(If you can figure out what I am talking about.... I will give you a prize)

Anyway, here is the poem that I had planned to include in my CAPE portfolio. I hope you like it.

Teacher, who do you want me to be?
" A man, fit to serve society"

To be a "man":

You tell me to be brave
But any time I make risks
You demand I behave

You tell me to be strong
But any time I play rough
You insist I am wrong

You tell me to act gentle and kindly
But when my heart is touched,
You declare that I am being a sissy

You tell me to lead others,
But whenever I use my voice,
You give honour to my weaker brothers,

You tell me to loving and passionate,
But when I find sweet pleasure,
You call me effeminate,

You tell me to be understanding,
But how can I be?
If you never understood me?


Anonymous said...

I love it!!! It is original and the main thought flows. On the other hand there are some typos that need to be cleaned up. Also, as the poem was opened, it needs to be closed. Sometimes the closing is the hardest part to write, but it may be the most important.

The Queen said...

I love it, too!