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04 June 2007

Boys and Men

Because teaching is some how a predominately female profession (which is really against my philosophy of education, but it is the truth). There are only five guys at the level of the programme that I am in. We have been in most of the same classes since the beginning since we are in pilot program here at Sacred Heart Junior Collage and class selection is limited. All of the guys get on my nerves every once and a while. There are two sleazy married guys that I try to avoid. Not so much because they are married but because they are sleazy and I I hate sleaziness! Sleazy men make me sick. I want to vomit just thinking about it. Then there is another married guy who is not sleazy but he is very narrow minded and so much better then everyone else. He and I quarrel a lot so I stay away from him. I try to live as peacefully as possible. Then there is my homosexual friend. He is nice and sweet as a stereotype homo can get. He does mind when I refer to him as my homo friend either, and I won't label someone like that normally but to make this essay short I will. Lastly there is Juan. Juan is great. no one in our class knows that he has a girlfriend, but I do. He is my neighbour and walk to and from school talking about this sort of important thing. Juan is younger then me by two years, but everyone thinks were such a great couple. Usually when it comes up we look at each other and laugh and think about the secret girlfriend. People are so narrow minded. And now that I gossiped about the guys in my class I can say that I hate gossipers. Hum!

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