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02 June 2007


I just want to let you know that my blog bothers me. I love the background colour, and I love my post. But my blog is boring. Boring. That is just it... boring is a nice word because it fits the feeling I feel when I look at my blog. Boring isn't a fancy word with a nice ring.It is just a ...boring... word.

I love to visit other people's blogs and see the layouts and pretty things they have. Some of them are just fun to visit. Others are exciting, a few are breathe taking. All of them mirror the creative talent of the writers. Mine is just simple and boring. Sigh.

Don't get me wrong. I can list a thousand reasons why mine is not so decorated with pictures of me and the people I love, or photos of objects that I see. But I hate excuses (I think). The point is I am just to busy (read lazy, uninterested) to figure out how to beat the thousand excuses I have.

My heart goes to the faithful reader of End of the Street. You have witness pieces of life at the end of a little bumpy road, that so many people have not understood or realized. I also apologize for not making this a more fulfill experience. Some day I will figure this out and End of the Street will be the expressive, well rounded, place that will attract much food for thought, and more talented bloggers like yourselves. Until now, the beauty will hide under the seemingly boring front.


Not-So-Normal-Mom... said...

I think mine is boring, too. I'm just not good at computer web stuff! I try to put pictures up to make it more interesting, but that's about all I can do. Your writing is interesting...I worry that my writing is much too boring. Keep on blogger-sister!!!;-)

Beth said...

I like you blog too. You are honest and encouraging. You write about every day stuff and make it sound exciting.

Oh yes, everyone, Meet Not So Normal, she is a mother of three and a great blogger. Check out her blog. She hails for California (I think).