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13 September 2008

Sista Bets

Back in the day, I was know as Sista Bets... I was a 'Lena gyal that everyone knew. I had a handful of close "braddahs" that I loved with all my of heart. My love for them was platonic but still very real and very strong. When I was a little teenager, I used to bake for my guys and cook for them. Most of them were my brothers friends, but they recognised me as a significant friend too. The listened to my jokes, made fun of my jokes and presented me to their girlfriends. As I grow older I cooked less, but my acts of love where still there. I washed their clothes for money ( I was broke those days), looked out for them, spent hours talking about things, prayed for them, and ates lots of Cayo Twist with them.... Life sometimes pulls us apart because they get girlfriends, get married, move out of town etc.... but I still love them. I miss a lot of them and I am sorry that my life is so busy at times and I can't really keep up with them.

If you are one of my "breaddahs" and I haven't see or heard from you in a while, take heart... I still love you with all of my sisterly heart. I wish you the best, and I still pray that your journey in life is what you desired, or close to it....

Nuff Love,
Sista Bets


Hödekin said...

you are so sweet!

Reema said...

Ohh how sweet of you! your braddahs were lucky to have Sista Bets.