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14 October 2008

Pan Am Day

I finally realized why we have a holiday for Pan-American Day, also known as Columbus Day, in other countries. I used to think that it was a very bias holiday to celebrate and was a waste of time. So what is the big deal about the Europeans coming and messing up the Americas? I mean why celebrate the fact that this man and his posse came and killed and decimated huge populations of people.

Then I realized that this holiday is not one to celebrate, but to remember. I can not morn the lost nations of people lost when the Europeans came to the Americas, but I can look around and remember.

It all had a beginning. Everything I see does. I will remember the beginning.


Reema said...

I didnt know such a day existed. We must remember our past to save our future.

Beth said...

Funny because I used to think that remembering meant wallowing in the past and not marching ahead, but then I learned that we can remember and step out of the aches. Put anger aside and look ahead, but realize that tings were not always so