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03 February 2011

Googling for maps

I am taking a couple of really interesting classes this semester. Of course they are different from last semester because I don't get to make any stage settings out of cardboard, come up with props and act while my group member and friend, Orville, makes the script out of the text...that was REALLY FUN, even though it was a lot of work. This semester I do more serious work. My teachers are more serious people. They want me engage in long discussions about themes such as Democratic Depressions and Intellectual Exiles and the like until I get blue. It is interesting and all of that, but it can get boring. Acting out literacy interruptions is hard but fun. Both are time consuming in their own way...

Hence this semester I spend a lot of time on the Internet. I look up themes and define terms. It is interesting. Right now I am looking for a map of New Mexico that shows where the Laguna reservation is, because the novel I am reading for Multicultural American Lit (LITR 3302) makes references to a lot of actual places. I can't find it! I use Google images type in "New Mexico Laguna Map" and I get all sorts of irrelevant stuff. Even naughty pictures come up! That is not a map!

I am about to realize that I am even less computer savvy then I thought. Poor thing. Is there hope?

Any minutes now I will find that which I am looking for.


Leonardo Melendez said...

Beth, you're getting too old for this! Please get a camera and include pictures in your blog posts. We need to see your face and how you're doing!

Beth said...

LEO! If I had a camera, it would be there.... trust me.

I personally think it is a conspiracy... cutting out the little people, you know? OR the author made up places even though she said she didn't.