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14 February 2011


Yesterday I had a gathering to celebrate life because my birthday is tomorrow. It was nice to get my friends together. The food was good. Don't feel bad that you weren't there. It rained and the yard party turned into a house party. Plus since I am not working and my mother was sponsoring the event I was only given a 20 person guest list.

Now I am 25, well, almost. I got five gifts (besides the party and the presents of 20 friends). Mr. Reimer gave me the biggest bouquet of flowers ever. It had roses and carnations. I love carnations and the roses were that rare imported kind. They sweet so nice! 3 points for him!

My married friends gave me a Tupperware dish... Wait they gave me two! And a to go coffee cup for my tea! Wow! Because they are the practical and thoughtful friends will be my friends forever (that is an inside joke, please don't think I am that materialistic).

A sweet little boy, gave me a card. He made it and in the inside was the shading of a shilling. That boy has skills. Before he grows up someone needs to invest in his art skills so they don't get corrupted. Better hurry because he is turning nine this month.

My old sixth form friend gave me a single carnation. I wonder who Frank bought the flowers from.... hmmmm Anyway, it is a deep red flower. It took my breath away! I know I said it already, but I just love carnations. She also included a little card that read 'You are my carnation". How sweet is that? Friends are flowers in the garden of life

My old boss (plus) gave me an expensive lotion. I just love the smell and it is in a travel friendly bottle.... lovely!

My longest friend. The girl who say me for who I was when I was 13 years old and heart broken, gave me a mirror (Precious!) and a bag of soap powder! Soap Powder! But she explained: Now that I am 25, I am grown up. Time to put my childhood away and embrace my adulthood. Thus SOAP POWDER!


K. D. said...

happy birthday girl. Quarter life crisis will be there at ur door step.

Beth said...

LOl KD Right... I think I had it in November when my good friend turned 25 and I became "almost 25". now Im embracing it...