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09 November 2011

Girlish Wedding Plans

This semester has been quite an adventure. Along with Ms. Melanie Smith's Sciology course and Mr. Jhon Florez Nature and Structure of Language class from my first semester here at University of Belize, I am taking some of those life changing courses that widen perceptive. I have become a nerd once again, and my love of studies has been renewed. At this moment, I never want to graduate.

While I am working one more semester towards my BA in English, I am also making some major wedding plans. Everything is working out nicely. The invitations are almost ready. Thanks Artist Friend, they are looking very sharp. I hope to print them soon and have them in the mail. Surprisingly, it is very difficult to find the right paper. Everything is either a version of regular typing sheets, too soft to do any good, or are of Bristol board thickness and are too hard. The location has been set, Beloved and I and probably spent the most time looking for a spot. We have settled on a nice lawn wedding, at his house, soon to be our home. It won't be fancy, but let's just be real. I am not a fancy person and I think Beloved is secretly relieved that we won't rent any of the nice jungle resorts in the area. All of them are wonderful but there always seems to be a set-back or two that just won't work for our wedding.

Since we are getting married in our back yard, Beloved and I thought of a wonderful little ritual, something that I think just might become a tradition. In our wedding ceremony we are going to plant a tree. While we both agree that it is very symbolic, we are yet to agree on what kind of tree. He wants a mahagony tree, because let's face it, he is patriotic. I want a "Haman's tree" also known as terminalia catappa or Sea Almond Tree because someday I want to have babies, and I want my babies to learn to climb trees. Wouldn't you want to grow up climbing an Almond tree?

Anyway, enough is enough. If I don't get to class, Critical Writing and Research will happen without me.

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Reema said...

planting a tree!!how nice!