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09 December 2011


The other day, like most days, I was talking to Beloved.  This time it was special though because I was talking to him about my blog and the fact that I don't seen to interest readers with my thoughts.  I told that Leo thinks and has expressed it repeatedly that I need to include pictures. I asked Beloved, if he would become my editor.  Sweet man, smiled and said that he would love to. For a man who does not like the Internet, this is quite a commitment.

I have been thinking about the possibilities of change. How having a full time editor will help me develop as a writer.  I also have been considering the changes of the nature of my blog and how the upcoming changes of the context of my life is about to change.  As my life changes, so will the expression of my life.  As a celebration of that milestone, I have two options:  1. Closing End of the Street and opening a new blog or 2. Archive End Of the Street as it is now, and start over at the same place, but new.  There is something in me that wants to cling to the dribble of an lonely little girl finding her voice and the friends she has made in her blogsphere, but recent disinterest makes me wonder if the first option might me the most viable. Many thoughts are being considered right now and the blueprints for my blog, whether becoming a New End Of the Street or a new blog altogether, are being drafted.  Lookout for these upcoming changes.

Mr. Good Teacher has also encouraged me in my bloggery.  He would like to see is developed so much that blogging would become a source of income for me.  That is an interesting idea.  In the past, writers sold their expressions to newspapers and magazines.  Nowadays, bloggers sell themselves to advertisements.  But still, with my BA to finish paying for and a house yet to build, writing for an income does not sound like a bad idea.

So readers, if you are out there, NOW is the time to speak up.  What changes would you like to see in End OF the Street?  How do you see change?

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