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17 September 2012

Back to School

I am back in school.  I love going to school.  I know that schools are institutions that do not necessarily create environments based on reality, but there is some nice about being unplugged from reality for a moment. It is especially nice that I unplug from the reality that surrounds me now that I am married.  I love Beloved and our marriage could not be any better.  I am happy with him. It is the larger community and all their expectations that are hard to deal with. I unplug because being married to a man from a culture so different from yours, that while your ideals match on a personal level is wonderful. Living in his cultural community, where those ideals are questioned, considered worldly, sinful, and unwelcome is a much harder task.

My Married Friend, who like me, married into the culture, takes an anthropologist approach. She turns each confrontation, each awkward conversation, each judgemental misunderstanding, and every miscommunication as a sociological experiment. I try to do this but it is difficult. Mix that with the homesickness for either the good homey feeling for Santa Elena, and the fresh air breathes of northern California, feeds the need to unplug more often then be present.

Any how, this was not what I set out to blog about today, but my blogging moment is done.  Any food for thought, dear reader?

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