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29 November 2012

Dirty Children

Dear Little Boy,
I see you on the bus
Chatting the name of you wares
You say it so much
That you don’t care what it is anymore
You must say it in your sleep
The accent of your mother’s tongue
Is heavy on the single word.
You are not selling chips
You sell CH EE ps
But I love you anyway.

Dear Little Girl,
I see you too,
With your baby brother on your hip
Your dress was once very pretty
But now it is dirty.
Your smile has holes
That will never be filled
You slips were washed
But they are not clean.
Your mama has gone to town
But when will she come back?
Don’t worry, I love you too.

Dear Little Children,
I saw you in my dreams
You were full of smiles
And you had much hope
In that dream you were a little dirty
But not from sweat and worries
The dirt was from your playing
You had no shoes because you kicked them off
In order to ran faster.
The songs you chanted were sweet songs
Your dolls were pretty toys.
I dreamed this because I love you.