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29 May 2008

Being Grown Up

I moved into my mothers house this weekend. It is a strange feeling because this house is so different then the other places that I lived. I mean, I have been in this house every weekend and some weekdays since me moved there right before Christmas, but this house is not a referance point for me. It is not my house, nor is it home.

I realized that I am a very sentimental person when it comes to my house. Before this week I lived with my high school best friend but I was in her territory because the house was just across the yard from her parents. That was a cool place to be because it was a like a long high school sleep over, only because we slept at nights.

The house I lived in before that was a nice house in Cayo that I rented from my good friends. Mom and I moved there when I started sixth form (junior college) and I really grow up there. My brothers weren't around and I really learned to find interest without them. Mom went on a lot of trips while I lived there so I was on my own a lot. One of her trips lasted 5 months and Rachel, who was also going to Sixth form stayed with me. That was a great time in my life. We were college girls, but very mature about it.

That house was what I named my blog after. That house inspired me to be me. I breathed in that house. I wrote about that house I learned that I love art, and poems and writing and that I loved to learn and feel responsible and I loved God and I loved talking to him at night rather then the early mornings like I was told. It was in that house I drew on the walls, failed something for the first time. I neglected the yard because I realized I don't like gardening unlike what I thought. I thought about being a nocturnal person while i lived there.

That house in no longer in my possession. My friends' divorce stole it from me. But when I think about home... the house at the end of the street that has the little room toward the back of the house, the one that has little mice drawn on the window sill.


Canopenner said...

I used to draw on my walls too...Usually vines and plantlife.

But sometimes bugs and bats and stuff like that.

Hope you have a good day and dont miss your old house too much.

Beth said...

Thanks Can, I can't help but to miss it... it is sort of a part of me. There are too many memories, too many experiences.

Have a great weekend

coolingstar9 said...

The house you mentioned in the blog is the house that you are familiare with.
You have the feeling and attachment on it.
Beth, wish you happy blogging and have a wonderful life.

Roy Rosado said...

hey beth,
i know it must be hard to move away from something you've been used to. But thats kinda how life is in a way. Would be nice to stay where you are used to, where all your best memories were made; however, sometimes life happens and you must leave behind things that are significant to you or that you were used to. I remember when i moved out from home. It wasn't a nice change, but it had to happen.
I guess it will take a while to get accustomed. Keep your head up. Soon you'll find yourself making new memories at this new house and things will look promising.
Wish you the best at the new home and hope you can find something to keep you busy so you don't remember about how much you miss your other house so much.
Happy blogging.

Leal said...

So thats where you got your blog name from. Very unique indeed. You moved out, but you gave the End of the Street new meaning online. Well written Beth.

Reema said...

I like ur writing style v much..right from the heart...hope u enjoy ur new house and feel at home.

Domanick Fabro said...

new blog name anytime soon then?

Beth said...

What do you suggest DOm? I think I will always be the End Of the Street because my thoughts usually come from the end of the brain.

Hey Coolingstar! How are things!

You are right Roy... we can make new memories living off of the old ones.

Leal, I think you understand why my blog doesn't have a new name.

Lol Reema, my friends have reasonaly read some of my writings and they are convinced I am going to write the Great Belizean Novel (some people think that hasn't been written yet).