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28 May 2008

The Ghost of My Classroom

I looked down at his eyes. They were blue. Blue as blue can get. I have blue eyes too, but I am not very used to seeing them. Even after teaching here for 9 months I am still not used to seeing blue eyes. Now I know why people make annoying comments about how pretty my eyes are. They are not so much pretty but mostly outstanding.

He had the naive, sweet, and trusting look of a 9 year old. He flung himself all me and rested his chest in the pit right below my ribs. He loved to hug me and I enjoyed his hugs.

I look down, and ask him: "What am I going to do this summer without your hugs, Scary Fairy?" (I call him by a name that rhymes with his real name. He and the rest of the class love it).

"Oh, cry"

That Ghost hunts me....


Canopenner said...

Im sure being a teacher invites this sort of perpetual heartbreak of missing friends.

Reema said...

Sweet..looks like ur students love u very much..

P.S.thanks for adding me on ur blog roll. I will add u too.

Beth said...

Oh Cheers! I was invited to Scary Fairy's birthday party!

It is heartbreak... times 15!

Reema, sometimes I envy their mothers... but then I realize that their mothers sent them to school.