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02 June 2008

Rain is lovely

I know that I mentioned this before, but I love the rain. Even this neverending, tropical rain that rains ceasely in different patterns of rain. I know that with this type of rain crops are being destroyed, jobs ruined, houses flooded and maybe, not that I have heard of any, lives lost. Does that make be feel guilty for indulging in my love for rain? Nope, not one bit. I should be looking for a job, but alas, the rain is cool and makes me sleepy. I have spent my weekend at home, enjoying the poetry in the rain. I have down all the indoors things: read a book, write a peom, think deep internal thoughts, cooked, gone through my stuff (I am still not done unpacking), and I dream. The days have been long dreamy days. Dreams that help me plan.

This is my plan. Not that you need to know it, nor do I need to make it public. This is strictly for conversation. I plan to teach one more year at Rose Glen. My little private school has been a year long escape similar to the week's rain. It has to come to an end. This time next year it will. After that I want to go back to study. I am not sure if I am going to redo my practical or if I am going to forge ahead without it. I want to go somewhere to study though. I have been looking into a few universities aboard. Melvin, my friend who I fling things on, thinks I should go the US. Maybe.... maybe not. So this year in my spare time I am going ot look in to universities aboard. I don't want to go to UB nor Galen. I know I am stubborn. So many people told me that I should go there part time. I was even offered a scholarship. Stubborn indeed but I have to find a place to study that I can connect with. I went to Sacred Heart sort of as a desparate act. I wanted to study but I felt I had no other options. I enjoyed my time there and I made myself connect but I would rather I connected from the beginning.

I just might end up being a poor, broke woman with so much debt that I will spend the rest of my life paying them off... but at least I will write peotry (or even learn to paint, like I always wanted to).


Canopenner said...

some peoples goals are to get into debt believe it or not.

And if it wasnt rainign crops would be destroyed too wouldnt they?

I am glad you are having a nice time.

I wouldnt come back to the US tho, I hate it here. UGH.

Reema said...

I love the rain too..Follow ur heart girl..atleast u wont end up with regret...

Beth said...

What do you do on the 4th of July Can?

True, Reema that is often need reminded remark. Some people make me feel as though if i don't take their advice i will end up with regrets.

How is the University system in India?

Leal said...

The rain is always good. Water is significant of life, so we must embrace it. It takes away life but it gives life as well.