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10 May 2010

Dear Readers,

I am back in my blogshere. I feel like I am back to life. It has been a tough 3 months. But it has been a beautiful 3 months.

As you may know I redid my teaching practicum. I am still waiting for the results in writing but I was told I passed. Part of me whats to dance a silly dance and part of me wants to say "oh yeah..." in a flat voice and continue living. There is no reason to lose your head over a maybe pass.

My teaching practicum was an exciting thing for me. I reentered the classroom after 9 months of scooping ice cream at the over-rated WD's.... and I was graded while doing it. I realize how much I love teaching and how horrible I am at it. Truth is: Beth is not a great teacher but she loves 'em kiddos. I also realized how much I want to be a resource teacher and work with children that need extra help. I sort of has time to re-evaluate the Big Dream. I also realize how important it is to have people around you involved in your life. Doing a teaching practical is tough but it is easier if you have people around who love you and support you and you let them in with what you are doing so they can love you and support you more.

But the biggest thing is.... I learned how much I love a certain somebody. After nine months of shared coffee over break and small spontaneous parties with friends we have in common, I could have disappeared to my home town to do my practicum and just sort of slip out of his life. I began to do that, thinking I was overly silly and infatuated and too attached, but then he won't let me. He confirmed that I am not overly silly, infatuated or too attached, but I deeply cared for him and he cared for me. So while my teaching practicum was tiresome and stressful, it was beautiful and exciting. Many late night calls, weekend picnics and encouraging text made the whole experience completely worthwhile. Even if I was told wrong and I failed this practicum, at least I got him out of it all. I love that man.

So now my practicum is over.... my relationship with Mr. Man will definitely have a new twist to it. I am going back to scooping ice cream until my great UB Adventure begins. So it will be back to 15 minute coffee breaks and smiles over lunch. Of course a new twist will be added and I am excited about discovering what it will be. I waited 24 years for this....let's see if I have what it takes to keep it going.


coolingstar9 said...

I think you can be the good teacher

coolingstar9 said...

I think you can be the good teacher

Reema said...

congrats on the Mr.Man :D and all the best for everything!

Helbaby said...

Girl you will be great. You have a nice personality. Think positive! You will pass. If the monster of no-happiness-for-you steps in just "shake shake shake it off," and try again.

I'm happy for you and Mr. Man if anyone in this world deserves smiles, hugs, and affection it's definitely you.