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09 August 2010

On the journey

I am on a trip. I love trips. But this one i s especially hard. I am still having fun and relaxing a bit but I have mix emotions about it.

I have spent some time to myself and I realize there is a deep dark space in my heart. It is a horrible place that makes me cry. I know that some day, I will have to face it but I would really want to just close the door and pretend that everything is cool. The longer I wait the harder it guess. I ask God to just take it away but His calm quiet voices tells me I have to cast down this altar of idols. So I ask Him to strengthen my inside person.

So many things are a struggle in life. It is nice to get some prespective and realize that struggles are good. I can walk around with my chin up. I might have been dealt with a hard hand of cards to play, but they are good. I am clever and able to make something out of it. God is faithful and his grace is strong.

As I walk down the dusty, clumsy street, I will be a grace swan floating on the water


Reema said...

Keep the faith dear..everything will be ok..God doesn't deal out anything which he knows u dont have the strength to bear.

Beth said...

A thank Reema! You are a dear!