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07 October 2010


Hello everyone, I am a student of University of Belize now. I am an English major. Both things I never thought I would do but here I am doing it. It is going ok but I never have enough time to do anything well. That includes blogging. That bothers me because I want to do my best in EVERYTHING I do.

I have two struggles in this season of my life. I have been feeling very nostalgic. I miss the place that I stopped referring to as home a long time ago. I miss the huge ceder trees and my biological family. I miss going to the national parks and taking hikes. I never used to hike much and I rarely got together with my family but I still miss it. My Sweety says I should go for a visit. I would love to but students don't have that kind of money and besides, what I miss is probably not there. I think I miss something else..... what could it be, what could it be.

Also, I have not been doing any type of writing lately. Que Lastima! That is so sad. I love writing. I am trying to write now, but unfortunately I have to hurry to class and I feel flat.... I probably sound flat too. But I am not really flat.

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